Ely Wing Chun

Fee structure for Ely Wing Chun.



4 week FREE! Beginners kung fu “Taster”

The Ely Beet Club Ely, 7-8:30 Tuesday

Wing Chun is Simple, Direct and Effective.

The 4-week course is free and starts from January 2018.

After this classes are £7

To discuss ring:

Instructor: Rich Holborn

Contact:    07443 583 802.

Or on facebook – elywingchun

Once you return on your second lesson -

 you will need to start paying training fee’s these are as follows:

Juniors  £5.00 per lesson Adults   £.700 per lesson

Blocks of 10 sessions can be purchased in advance - with the advantage of a free training session. 

Private Lessons:
£20 for an hour (maximum 2 people) 
Club T-shirts - £15:
(has Wing Chun in Chinese characters on front and Ely Wing Chun on Back)
You can choose from any colour as long as it is Black. 
Wing Chun Hoodie: £40 (£35 for club members)
(A good quality top that has WING CHUN characters on front and all the forms in the system on the back) 
Same joke as before - you can choose from any colour as long as it is Black.